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I'm getting ready for bed, putting on my chastity belt and brushing my teeth.... because I'm a good little slave girl, and I know you'll have something nice and big for me to put in my mouth!

Video 4:13 mins / 29.01.2016

Want to play? I'm waiting for you in my sexy leopard print dress - ready tied! :-)

93 images / 28.01.2016

Sometimes when I'm home alone I'm in the mood for some fun bondage but there's no one to tie me up. It just so happens that I have some purple tape hidden away in the spare bedroom so I go upstairs and slowly wind it tightly around my ankles and enjoy!

Video 4:16 mins / 26.01.2016

Sometimes traditional excercise can be a bit of a bore and a rope bondage struggle can be way more fun!

85 images / 24.01.2016

I'm stripey Smithers today in my handcuffs and licorice allsort style trousers!

61 images / 22.01.2016

Cold hard steel and smooth soft satin - oh dear, I seem to have left my rope undone!

89 images / 21.01.2016

I do love a penis gag - and I'm having some fun with this great big one at home!

Video 3:59 mins / 19.01.2016

Clearly you REALLY want me to stay home with you today but I have an important meeting so you just have to let me go!

75 images / 17.01.2016

Blue bound in blue lingerie.

84 images / 16.01.2016

It's a shorts story on Sophia Smith Bondage today!

94 images / 15.01.2016

The smallest amount of bondage, but there's nothing quite like having your toes taped tightly together!

Video 4:18 mins / 12.01.2016

I'm dressed to kill for our dinner date so you've handcuffed me as a precaution!

84 images / 10.01.2016

I'm getting ready for bed and as you can see I'm locked in chastity. Sweet dreams!

Video 2:43 mins / 08.01.2016

It's been a long week at work, but a sexy red dress and a tightly tied white body harness means I definitely don't have the blues!

68 images / 07.01.2016

Shall I model some of my Christmas presents for you darling? A sexy see through black number and jewelry our style!

61 images / 05.01.2016

It's a new year and I'm happy in handcuffs at home! Back to work soon though....

86 images / 03.01.2016

Shall we start the New Year as we mean to go on??

Video 7:56 mins / 01.01.2016

New Year's Eve and you have to work late. But I've asked my friend to come tightly tie me ready for you when you arrive home just before midnight. Happy New Year's Eve honey!

95 images / 31.12.2015

My friend told me that she is on a diet so I hid all of the chocolate before she arrived for our girly night in. Turns out she isn't happy about it at all.... but I am NOT telling!

Video 6:03 mins / 29.12.2015

I'm raunchy in red rope and cuffs!

70 images / 27.12.2015

Mrs Claus is preparing a Christmas treat for her husband who has to work away at Christmas, but unbeknown to her he's arranged a little treat for her!

Video 5:24 mins / 25.12.2015

Topless and bar cuffed behind my back I'm helpless against your advances!

94 images / 24.12.2015

Running MyNylonFetish.com comes with some risks..... apparently!

Video 9:10 mins / 22.12.2015

Darby cuffed in my sexy pink body suit, I'm ready to play - are you?

83 images / 20.12.2015

I'm choosing a dress to wear to go out in tonight, but I need the right one to go with my chastity belt. I don't it to be too obvious but I kind of want people to wonder if I MIGHT be wearing one!

Video 7:51 mins / 18.12.2015

Having a good wriggle in a tight purple rope box tie.

90 images / 17.12.2015

For the girl who tries to push gags out of her mouth they invented the super secure head harness gag. Sure to keep me quiet!

Video 7:26 mins / 15.12.2015

I'm relaxing in white bar tied wrist and ankle cuffs, and for extra security I've double locked my legs in nylon chains!

74 images / 13.12.2015

I'm alone in the kitchen, naked and about to have some self bondage fun. First I tie a silk scarf around my dainty ankles. Then I cleave gag myself - I love the feel of fabric tied tightly around my face. Finally I put on some handcuffs and relax into my private bondage fantasy!

Video 5:56 mins / 11.12.2015

I LOVE electrical tape - you've probably noticed - and am feeling very colourful and adventurous today! So I've had myself turned into a multi-coloured taped Sophia so I can have a good wriggle around. How many colours do you see?

73 images / 10.12.2015

I don't care what you say or do, I won't tell you my cash card number. No, no, NO!

Video 5:51 mins / 08.12.2015

So you've arrived home from your business trip to find me lying on the settee handcuffed and barefoot. Now what are you going to do about it?

97 images / 06.12.2015

Penny Lee just can't keep her hands off my gag collection. She's even co-ordinating them with her outfits now!

Video 3:21 mins / 04.12.2015

Lounging in a tight hemp ladder tie in the bedroom!

89 images / 03.12.2015

Get up close and personal as I play with my handcuffs and a nice hard penis gag!

Video 4:38 mins / 01.12.2015

Elegantly restrained in bagno pattern cuffs!

86 images / 29.11.2015

So I didn't quite set the table the way you like it, but to gag and cuff me and make me sit in the corner while YOU eat the meal that I lovingly cooked for US.... well, it's just NOT fair!!

Video 5:54 mins / 27.11.2015

So I was late paying the bill for cute little kitty but there was really no need for the vet to make a housecall of THIS nature!

Video 6:20 mins / 26.11.2015

Save me! I'm a damsel in distress!

92 images / 24.11.2015

What better way to spend the weekend than handcuffed on the bed!

76 images / 22.11.2015

I'm meeting my friend Penny Lee for lunch today - it's been so long since we had chance to catch up. But when she arrives at the studio I've been working at while I'm getting changed in the bathroom she can't resist a little play with the props!

Video 3:33 mins / 20.11.2015

Elegantly scarf tied on the bed - I love the feel of silk against my soft skin!

93 images / 19.11.2015

I really enjoyed struggling in this intricate palm to palm hogtie!

Video 6:40 mins / 17.11.2015

Bound and gagged in footless lace and ladders!

Video 7:01 mins / 15.11.2015

You can't really beat a pair of cuffed bar ties for a relaxing struggle on the bed after work!

111 images / 13.11.2015

When I'm 'loving' rope I love a little co-ordination. So today a little emerald enjoyment as I team up tight emerald coils with a slinky emerald suspender belt.

Video 5:42 mins / 12.11.2015

I'm Bagno cuffed on the rug waiting for you to come back. I may as well enjoy myself until you return!

91 images / 10.11.2015

My evil twin has always had eyes for my gorgeous fiance but I never thought she could sink THIS low. It's my wedding day and she lures me into her hotel room, before I have the finishing touches done to my hair and make-up, on pretence of giving me a special gift. Then she steals my dress and leaves me cuffed and gagged on her bed while she steals my big day and my groom!

Video 7:00 mins / 08.11.2015

I've snuck away to the bathroom to indulge myself in some self bondage. It's so hard to grab some time alone in a busy house so I take my silk scarves into the bathroom where the knots become extra tight as the fabric becomes water soaked.

101 images / 06.11.2015

I'm loving gold. Are you?

Video 7:27 mins / 05.11.2015

It's the weekend and we've both had a busy week so it's time to let our hair down a little. You come home from work to find the house quiet and dark and come upstairs to change out of your suit. You switch on the bedroom light to find me waiting naked and clejuso cuffed, ready to start the weekend with a bang!

83 images / 03.11.2015

I'm enjoying a green rope romp on the bed. Care to join me?

Video 7:02 mins / 01.11.2015

An elegant black dress matched with an elegant steel wrist spreader - the perfect outfit for the dinner dance this evening, don't you think? I'll just grab my shoes...

66 images / 30.10.2015

My black mood landed me in black ladder ties today!!

Video 7:47 mins / 29.10.2015

Bound on the bed yoke style with red and black cuffs and rope!

93 images / 27.10.2015

I put out a request on my tumblr blog for any questions about kink and BDSM you would like me to answer. So, here's a video of me answering some of the questions you guys asked.

Video 16:23 mins / 25.10.2015

You want to play bondage tape games in the garden with me? Ok. That means I can't take care of the lawn today, right?

42 images / 23.10.2015

A sensual struggle in an intricate silver rope corset.

Video 06:02 mins / 22.10.2015

Well it's hardly the beach in Mexico but a hot bikini clad clejuso cuffed bath is a close.... well, it's in my top ten!

78 images / 20.10.2015

You have to work at yoga you know! Frankly I think this is a bit of an extreme reaction to me being your superior flexibility wise!

Video 07:43 mins / 18.10.2015

Is there anything more inviting than your favourite girl awaiting you topless, dressed in stockings and suspenders, with her hands cuffed helplessly behind her back? I thought not....

108 images / 15.10.2015

The exhibitionist in me comes out to play as I take my handcuffs with me on a trip to the park!

Video 04:44 mins / 15.10.2015

Elegantly handcuffed in my pretty pink butterfly shoes.

105 images / 13.10.2015

I'm in a clejuso cuffed struggle on the settee. Try as I might I cannot break free!

Video 06:29 mins / 11.10.2015

A sexy set with stockings and satin draped over a pretty gold rope body harness.

99 images / 09.10.2015

II'm bound on the bed in a sexy lace body stocking, and stringent blue box and frog ties.

86 images / 08.10.2015

You're such a sadist. You made my favourite lunch and then chained me to a chair and said I would only get to eat it if I could escape! Metal bondage? Really?? You don't play fair do you?

Video 06:36 mins / 06.10.2015

Not quite what I anticipated when I accepted a dinner invitation from my the new vet in town.

Video 07:21 mins / 04.10.2015

I'm a damsel in this dress, in distress. Care to come to my assistance?

116 images / 02.10.2015

I'm supposed to be shooting a clip for my website but I think I look rather good in these handcuffs and am distracted by a spot of bondage selfie taking!

Video 07:34 mins / 30.09.2015

I'm bound in satin and waiting on the settee - care to join me?

71 images / 28.09.2015

I was dressed ready to go out for a drink when you got home from work, but you didn't approve of my flesh revealing leggings. You tore off my top, since I like exposing myself so much you said, and stormed off to the pub leaving me struggling in steel!

Video 07:33 mins / 26.09.2015

Cuffed in cute lingerie and pink heels!

95 images / 25.09.2015

I didn't realise my dance class buddies were quite THIS competitive about the Christmas dance performance auditions!

100 images / 23.09.2015

I knew I shouldn't have been rude to that bondage photographer shooting me at home. Now I'm in purple rope peril as I try to escape before my Mum comes home!

Video 06:29 mins / 21.09.2015

Chilling out with my heavyweight clejuso ankle cuffs.

Video 07:38 mins / 19.09.2015

Tightly tied in yellow in the bedroom.

89 images / 18.09.2015

I pay the price for being the school bully when my victims gang up on me to teach me a lesson.

Video 07:19 mins / 16.09.2015

Four fetishes in one video - leotard, tights, boots and self bondage!

Video 08:27 mins / 14.09.2015

Locked into Irish Eight wrist and ankle cuffs in the bedroom.

81 images / 12.09.2015

Playing with my ring gag at home.

Video 02:41 mins / 11.09.2015

Police cuff fun on the settee!

83 images / 09.09.2015

After I fail to pick up flowers for the tables in the sitting and dining rooms for tonights dinner party, the master of the house turns me into a tape tied table decoration instead!

Video 06:17 mins / 07.09.2015

No flying away for me as I'm bound on the butterfly bed.

114 images / 05.09.2015

Sexy silver rope bondage. I'm loving it. Are you?

Video 06:48 mins / 04.09.2015

I'm a bound babe in sexy red stockings and a fetishy leather dress.

76 images / 02.09.2015

Watch as I sensually self hogtie myself with Hiatt wrist and ankle cuffs.

Video 07:13 mins / 31.08.2015

Starting the weekend with some sexy steel cuffs fun.

87 images / 29.08.2015

I'm PC Smith on patrol at the local park. When I see someone acting suspiciously in the bushes and investigate I find myself 'under arrest' and the sneaky suspect makes a run for it.

Video 06:20 mins / 28.08.2015

Bound in a cute little playboy number

92 images / 26.08.2015

Struggling to escape from a strict purple tie

Video 06:52 mins / 24.08.2015

I'm tightly tape tied wrist to thigh

80 images / 22.08.2015

I'm pink tape tied in the bedroom

Video 07:58 mins / 21.08.2015

I'm a golden girl in a tight rope waist tie and cleave

59 images / 19.06.2015

Having some fun at home playing with my new black ball gag

Video 03:58 mins / 17.08.2015

Tightly tied in a yellow forearm to shin tie

87 images / 15.08.2015

You can have the ice lolly he said... if you can escape before it melts

Video 06:14 mins / 14.08.2015

My best friend and I both have the hots for the guy who works in the local bank. When she finds out I have a date with with him she ties me with duct tape and takes my place!

Video 05:25 mins / 12.08.2015

I love the contrast between soft satin and hard steel on my skin!

Video 06:53 mins / 10.08.2015

A summery self cuffing in the garden

56 images / 08.08.2015

I'm relaxing on my sofa in my sexy fishnet dress, luxuriating in the feel of tight vet wrap arm and leg binders

Video 06:31 mins / 06.08.2015

Behind the scenes - making a gif for social media!

Video 05:22 mins / 05.08.2015

I was enjoying some self bondage fun and threw the key out of reach to make it more exciting. But I didn't think it through at all. The chain is wrapped around the chair leg and now I'm trapped and my cousin is about to arrive!

Video 06:35 mins / 03.08.2015

Struggling in a tight orange rope frogtie

82 images / 01.08.2015

Struggling on the sofa in a clejuso cuff hogtie

Video 06:35 mins / 30.07.2015

I'm making myself a set of cute handcuffs out of these white cable ties

79 images / 29.07.2015

I'm in two tone rope trouble tied on the bed

Video 07:28 mins / 27.07.2015

I'm tape tied in a cute yoga style pose

83 images / 25.07.2015

I'm on my way home from a bondage shoot and am in the mood for a bit of gagged driving

Video 05:16 mins / 24.07.2015

I use my police cuffs to place myself under arrest for nudity in a public-ish place... the sofa in my front room

81 images / 22.07.2015

It's lovely sitting out in the garden in the fine weather, but even better with a little added metal bondage

Video 05:18 mins / 20.07.2015

Relaxing on my bed in long chain clejuso ankle cuffs

70 images / 18.07.2015

So my 'friend' stole my job but I have another interview lined up for today as PA to the Company Director of a huge fashion retailer. But the middle aged receptionist takes an instant dislike to me when she sees how young I am and tries to ruin things for me. What will the boss think when he finds me like this!

Video 06:52 mins / 17.07.2015

In tight denim jeans and tight red rope on the sofa

72 images / 15.07.2015

I'm supposed to be at an interview for my dream job but I told my best friend about it and now she wants the job too. She called at my house this morning - pretending to wish me good luck - and gagged me and tied me to the bed!

Video 09:22 mins / 13.07.2015

Locked in a globe cuff and long chained ankle shackles

51 images / 11.07.2015

I've been a very naughty girl!

Video 06:33 mins / 10.07.2015

I'm locked in rigid steel wrist and ankle spreader bars!

57 images / 08.07.2015

I've just arrived home from work and am relaxing on the sofa with my Chinese cuffs. Watch as I cuff my ankles and enjoy the feel of the cold steel against my skin

Video 09:29 mins / 06.07.2015

Struggling in silver

75 images / 04.07.2015

Help! I've been left to struggle in a hogtied hell!

Video 06:44 mins / 03.07.2015

A predicament in purple

50 images / 01.07.2015

Clejuso cuffed and gagged on the bed

Video 06:08 mins / 29.06.2015

Let this be a lesson to all college girl! If you don't do your homework you'll be kept behind and taught an extra lesson!

76 images / 27.06.2015

I'm browsing a clothing catalogue at home in my leather chastity belt

Video 06:13 mins / 26.06.2015

Struggling in tight blue bondage tape

49 images / 24.06.2015

An unexpected visitor gives me more of a work out than I intended

Video 07:44 mins / 22.06.2015

Nude in metal in the bedroom

79 images / 20.06.2015

A sexy gag demo of a leather strap pink ball gag

Video 03:34 mins / 19.06.2015

Locked in restrictive bagno cuffs

79 images / 17.06.2015

Come behind the scenes as I update Tumblr with an image from our latest stills update

Video 08:01 mins / 15.06.2015

Looking pretty in stringent pink rope and lingerie

90 images / 13.06.2015

Arriving home after a long day at work I find I'm not alone!

Video 06:46 mins / 12.06.2015

Posing on the settee in steel cuffs and lingerie

95 images / 10.06.2015

Watch as I enjoy a sensual struggle in purple cuffs and bar ties

Video 03:50 mins / 08.06.2015

Sexy soles in Irish Eights ankle cuffs

59 images / 06.06.2015

Playing with my long chain Hiatt ankle cuffs on the bed at home

Video 04:46 mins / 05.06.2015

Relaxing in my tight denim shorts and Chinese cuffs in the bedroom

71 images / 03.06.2015

I sensually cuff my wrists and ankles before silencing myself with a big steel ball gag

Video 06:00 mins / 01.06.2015

Manacled in heavy steel wrist cuffs

69 images / 30.05.2015

I'm in a spider gag struggle and drooling all over myself and my clothes

Video 07:07 mins / 29.05.2015

Booted and bound on the sofa

94 images / 27.05.2015

Playing with my TCH cuffs at home

Video 04:12 mins / 25.05.2015

Relaxing on my bed after work in irish eight cuffs

90 images / 23.05.2015

Tightly tied with silver rope in my silky purple stockings

Video 06:45 mins / 22.05.2015

A sexy self handcuffing set on the sofa

76 images / 20.05.2015

Gag demo of an under chin ball gag

Video 04:17 mins / 18.05.2015

I'm under arrest in UK pattern police cuffs

103 images / 16.05.2015

I'm taped and in trouble with an open mouth electrical tape gag

Video 06:18 mins / 15.05.2015

The only thing more elegant than a little black dress is a little black dress with handcuffs

90 images / 13.05.2015

At home in the spare room I decide to take some selfies...but what about the cuffs, shall I add them? What if someone sees the pics on my phone? I would secretly love that, hehe! I wouldn't be able to explain why I had them, can you imagine their face if I said 'it's because I'm kinky!'?!

Video 04:36 mins / 11.05.2015

Ripped jeans and rigid steel on the sofa

89 images / 09.05.2015

I love the feel of cold steel around my ankles

82 images / 08.05.2015

Struggling in a self tied hogtie on the settee

Video 06:48 mins / 05.05.2015

Sophia is at home but she is not alone. She creeps upstairs for some private time alone with her handcuffs, she cant wait until everyone has gone out. The coast looks clear, she takes them out of her jeans pocket and snaps them onto her delicate wrists for a brief but exciting metal bondage session

Video 06:31 mins / 04.05.2015

White cuff bar tied to a chair

76 images / 02.05.2015

Gag demonstration of a large white silicone ball gag

Video 03:38 mins / 01.05.2015

Pretty in pink pvc and irish eight cuffs

70 images / 29.04.2015

Behind the Scenes - updating the clips4sale store

Video 08:47 mins / 27.04.2015

Clejuso bar cuffs in the conservatory

48 images / 25.04.2015

Another gag demonstration - this time a sexy self scarf gagging

Video 02:46 mins / 24.04.2015

Relaxing on the bed in heavy weight clejuso cuffs

66 images / 22.04.2015

Bound and gagged in a yellow rope body and head harness

Video 05:55 mins / 20.04.2015

Enjoying some foot fetish in shiny darby ankle cuffs

90 images / 18.04.2015

Practising and playing with self bar tied cuffs

Video 08:47 mins / 17.04.2015

I'm not going to get much exercise done with my wrists and ankles cuffed tightly together with these Irish Eight cuffs!

89 images / 15.04.2015

Tightly tied and gagged on the settee

Video 06:24 mins / 13.04.2015

Behind the scenes at a recent studio shoot

Video 06:07 mins / 11.04.2015

Booted and bound in beautiful gold rope

87 images / 10.04.2015

Sexy ball gagged showering at home

Video 07:37 mins / 08.04.2015

Struggling in a steel shackles hogtie

87 images / 06.04.2015

Happy Easter! Hope you guys get lots of chocolate!

Video 08:12 mins / 04.04.2015

Handle with care!

Video 05:41 mins / 03.04.2015

I'm a superheroine captured and bound

101 images / 01.04.2015

Stuffing my mouth with my panties before tying a chiffon scarf around my head to hold it tightly in place

Video 04:21 mins / 30.03.2015

I've got the bondage bed blues

83 images / 28.03.2015

A tightly tied vet wrap struggle on the settee

Video 07:03 mins / 27.03.2015

I'm in handcuff heaven in my shiny Hiatt's

100 images / 25.03.2015

Showing you some of the new items that I've ordered for the site!

Video 04:17 mins / 23.03.2015

I'm tightly bound to the bed with hemp

72 images / 21.03.2015

I'm loving boot fetish and bondage in today's video update!

Video 06:32 mins / 20.03.2015

I find myself tied in a tangle of tape when I complain to the courier - AGAIN - about poor packaging

77 images / 18.03.2015

A member has requested some gag demo videos, so here's the first - a rather large penis gag!

Video 04:25 mins / 16.03.2015

Simple steel bondage - posing nude in alcyon cuffs

76 images / 14.03.2015

Come with me on a chastity belted shopping trip, culminating in me showing it off in a changing room as I try on clothes

Video 13:17 mins / 13.03.2015

Bar tied cuffs in the bedroom

63 images / 11.03.2015

I'm struggling forearm to calf tied in bright yellow rope

Video 06:03 mins / 09.03.2015

Simply and elegantly cuffed on the bed

89 images / 07.03.2015

A sensual struggle, taped and gagged on the bed

Video 05:24 mins / 06.03.2015

I'm feeling a little blue in my chastity belt

82 images / 04.03.2015

I'm struggling in a tightly tied white rope hogtie

Video 05:40 mins / 02.03.2015

A sensual self cuffing set with rigid TCH handcuffs

72 images / 28.02.2015

I sensually moisturise my feet before cuffing my toes and ankles, then adding a cleave gag

Video 07:01 mins / 27.02.2015

Oh no - I've been left tape tied and helpless on the bed!

90 images / 25.02.2015

Showing you some of my battle scars from an encounter with some mean ball gags

Video 02:10 mins / 22.02.2015

Posing in a pretty pink waist tie

87 images / 21.02.2015

I do a lot of my housework in chastity

Video 02:30 mins / 20.02.2015

Sexy self cuffing in my tight green exercise leggings

85 images / 18.02.2015

I'm a cat burglar searching hotel rooms for jewels, but someone's reported suspicious activity to the hotel manager

Video 05:54 mins / 16.02.2015

I'm bamboo bound in burgundy!

72 images / 14.02.2015

I'm in heaven struggling in my hiatt cuffs

Video 05:14 mins / 13.02.2015

Tidying up my shoot clothes in chastity

Video 06:24 mins / 11.02.2015

I bind myself with sexy silk scarves and writhe around on the bed

Video 05:17 mins / 09.02.2015

Chained chastity and fishnets

83 images / 07.02.2015

It's more fun applying my fake tan ball-gagged!

Video 05:47 mins / 06.02.2015

Legwear meets bondage in this sexy tights and leather cuffs set

Video 05:44 mins / 04.02.2015

Bound in tight white ladder ties

76 images / 02.02.2015

This wasn't quite what I was expecting from a job interview

Video 06:04 mins / 31.01.2015

I'm a very bad girl!

78 images / 30.01.2015

Struggling to escape from a strict shoes hogtie

Video 05:30 mins / 28.01.2015

Cuffing myself in a sexy self steel bondage set

98 images / 26.01.2015

Answering some of the questions people have sent in via email

Video 08:40 mins / 24.01.2015

Seductive in cold steel

76 images / 23.01.2015

Loving this vet wrap sent by a member

Video 05:22 mins / 21.01.2015

Fetishy fashion-ware made from rope and bondage tape

91 images / 19.01.2015

All I did was ask the customer to pay the fine on his late library book

Video 05:16 mins / 17.01.2015

Taking a shackled shower

80 images / 16.01.2015

Eating lunch in chastity

Video 07:09 mins / 14.01.2015

Lounging around in my clejuso cuffs

76 images / 12.01.2015

Writhing in a red wrist trap

64 images / 10.01.2015

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